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Aricia & Pawel

The best choice we could have made!

Initially when we were looking for a photographer for our Wedding, we were looking for someone who would take candid photos, without too many poses capturing the joy of that moment.
So we arrived at Sofia Brito's work, which fit exactly what we were looking for, beautiful photos full of feelings. From the beginning, Sofia was very attentive, seeking to know more about us as a couple, knowing who the guests were, and details that could enrich the photos.

Beto & Edna

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about Sofia.

Sofia is someone of unique intelligence and creativity, as well as loyalty to herself in what she represents and accomplishes.

She is authentic, empathetic and coherent.

As, what we do, must be the expression of who we are, so Sofia is well aligned with the professional that she is.

Sofia also has the gift of art and the subtlety of capturing (life) through her artistic lenses combined with her natural perception and intuition of each moment.

Thank you!

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